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Goodbye DirectX SDK

First of all: “Goodbyte DirectX SDK” ≠ “Goodbye DirectX”

Apparently with the introduction of the Windows 8 Developer Preview the DirectX SDK will no longer be directly supported. Instead Microsoft will integrate its tools in the Windows SDK ( see Where is the DirectX SDK? ), and by tools I mean the binaries and libraries. As for the samples and the documentation they will only be available online.

I find this to be a positive decision because it seems to be a step towards a stronger integration with Visual Studio ( see VS2011 DX11 experience and Game Debugging in VS2011 ), a clear message stating that you should stop seeing it as an API mainly used for games and more as a general purpose multimedia API, and *finally* it’s natively available just like OpenGL was since I can remember…
On the other hand I’m a bit afraid that this technology will stop receiving frequent updates like it used to. As you might have noticed the last SDK update is from June 2010, and the latest one (already within Windows SDK) is in Win8 Dev Preview. Lets see how this evolves…

BTW, as the SDK is no longer updated you’re left alone with a pile of typos in the current offline doc, so leave it alone and start using the online documentation.

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